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When are travel ball games played?

Tournament ball games are typically from Friday to Sunday starting in mid-May for younger girls, early to mid-June for older girls until the end of July.  There can be a fall or indoor winter tournaments.  Make sure you check with the coach to see what the plans are.


Will players have the same amount of playing time?

Playing time on a Wizard travel team is earned by each individual girl and also determined by the coaches depending on the situation at hand.  Players can earn their playing time with hard work, enthusiasm, commitment to practices and games, positive attitude and good sportsmanship.  Playing time is determined by each individual coach, however, players that miss an excessive number of practices or games should not expect to play as often as they would like.


What extra fees will be required to pay?

Wizard PLayer Fees include individual and team practice time at our facilities, uniforms, secondary insurance, and much more. In addition, your team and coaches may decide to add another tournament, meals, extra equipment, etc. to your season.  These expenses are not covered in the Wizard fee and will have to be paid for by other means.  Any Wizard Wear clothing items will incur a separate fee also.


What is the cost to play Wizards Travel Ball?

The upcoming fees vary depending on which level of team and the number of tournaments they play.  The cost is spread over an 8 month and can be supplemented by fund raisers.  We also provide an easy payment play by credit card or monthly check/cash payments. There are also a number of volunteering fundraisers that can help offset fees.


What extra training opportunities will come our way as part of the team?

Experienced coaches will be made available for extra "one on one" training lessons, pitching training, and team improvement sessions. While all teams will be led by experienced coaches, some extra training may require extra (though discounted) fees.


Will my daughter be allowed to play for her school team?

Yes, Wizard players are encouraged to play on their local rec. teams.  Some Wizard teams may play in fall ball or summer rec. leagues.

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